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2017 Peter D. Mosher Education Leadership Conference

Award Honoree: Sarah McAllister, PT, DPT, CSCS, CCCE

Award Honoree: Heidi Tippner, PT, DPT

The Ohio-Kentucky Consortium is pleased to announce two winners of this year's Peter D Mosher Education Leadership Conference Scholarship.  The honorees are Sarah McAllister, PT, DPT, CSCS, who is the CCCE and Therapy Residency Coordinator at Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan and Heidi Tippner, PT, DPT who is a Senior Physical Therapist & Student Coordinator at the Carle Foundation Hospital.

2017 Ohio-Kentucky Education Leadership Conference Scholarship

The Ohio-Kentucky Consortium is pleased to announce sponsorship of 9 clinicians to attend  the Education Leadership Conference.

Awardees are:

  • Lori Baehl, PT, MS

  • Rebecca Brinker, PT, DPT

  • Rachel Denton, PT, DPT

  • Chrindye Dietz, PT

  • Julie Gruden, PT, DPT

  • J.J. Kuczynski, PT, DPT

  • Chris Maurer, PT, DPT

  • Brianne Rice, PT, MS

  • Kristie Wolf, PT, DPT

2017 Karen O'Loughlin Clinical Instructor Credentialing

Award Honoree: Erin Gatewood, PT from KORT Bryan Station, Lexington, KY

She was nominated from the University of Kentucky.

UK states: “Erin has embraced clinical teaching in her first two years of practice.  After her first year she demonstrated her confidence and leadership by stepping in to teach after a colleague who had committed could not fulfill the commitment.  She did so with energy and enthusiasm, resulting in generous praise from her first full time student. She also volunteers to assist part time students in integrated courses.  Her varied patient types including cancer care and many orthopedic conditions. Erin is exemplary of the therapist who will contribute as she grows in practice and teaching.”

Award Honoree: Gordon R. Estlack, PT  from Ohio Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

He was nominated by The University of Findlay.  In their words: “Mr. Gordon Estlack meets all elements of the criteria, as well as the purpose of this award. He has been a lifelong learner, starting as a Physical Therapist Assistant; returning to the Bridge program to obtain his PT degree and license; and obtaining specialty certifications. He has demonstrated his love of teaching and leadership skills by being a Clinical Instructor, a Lab Assistant, and a Guest Speaker. Not only is he a member of the APTA, but he has demonstrated a commitment to our profession by working with all types of students, both PT & PTA students; traditional & nontraditional student; and exceptional & average students.   My most memorable experience with Mr. Estlack was with his abilities to assist an exceptional student who had a failed affiliation, which resulted in a remedial affiliation. Mr. Estlack provided outstanding mentorship with this student, such that the student herself was surprised with how far she could go with her abilities to be more organized, efficiency with documentation, and ability to focus.   In short, I know that Karen O'Loughlin would be pleased with the granting of this award to Mr. Gordon Estlack!”


2016 Peter D. Mosher Education Leadership Conference

Award Honoree:  Gina Boerger, PT, MPT


The Ohio-Kentucky Consortium is pleased to announce that this year's winner of the Peter D. Mosher Education Leadership Conference Award Honoree is Gina Boerger, PT, MPT of Versailles Health Care Center.

About the Award: This award has been created in memory of Peter D. Mosher, PT, DPT, OCS who was a former chair of the Ohio-Kentucky Consortium as well as an accomplished author and presenter in the field of physical therapy.  This award was designed to recognize an individual who demonstrates the characteristics of compassion, excellence, and a vision for physical therapy clinical education. Award recipients receive a certificate of recognition and reimbursement for up to $600 to attend the annual APTA Educational Leadership Conference.  The nominations and selection procedures are as follows:

  • Licensed PT educator who affiliate with at least one of the Ohio-Kentucky Consortium member institutions

  • Self-nominate through an application process.

  • Have demonstrated the characteristics of compassion and excellence

  • Have a vision for physical therapy clinical education


About the Honoree: Gina was selected among 13 candidates, based upon the tenets of Compassion, Excellence, and a Vision for CE.   The description of the portfolios she has staff complete to establish their “compass” and then model this concept for the students is extraordinary. Her mission statement is exemplary in describing attitudes of professionals who function at the highest level. The process she described as humbling and collaborative during development of residency programs and her description of future interprofessional opportunities, use of telehealth, fiscal accountability and APTA membership all set her apart.


2016 Karen O'Loughlin Clinical Instructor Credentialing

Award Honoree: Ryan Tedrick, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT


The Ohio-Kentucky Consortium is excited to announce that this year’s winner of the Karen O’Loughlin Clinical Instructor Credentialing Award is Ryan Tedrick, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT of NovaCare Rehabilitation. 


About the award:  This award has been created to honor Karen O’Loughlin, PT, DPT, MA, one of the founding members of the consortium, and to promote the ongoing development and mentorship of clinical instructors in the Ohio-Kentucky region, which Dr. O’Loughlin is so passionate about. Award recipients receive a certificate of recognition and reimbursement for up to $300 to complete either the Basic or Advanced APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP).  Each institution in the consortium is eligible to nominate one individual annually who meets the following criteria:

  • Licensed PT educator living and/or working in the Ohio-Kentucky area

  • Member of the American Physical Therapy Association

  • Have demonstrated an interest in developing his/her clinical teaching skills

  • Show evidence of leadership in clinical education or the potential for becoming a future leader


About Dr. Tedrick: Ryan completed his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at the University of Toledo and received a Master’s in Physical Therapy from Gannon University.  He then continued to advance his education, earning a tDPT and completing a Fellowship in Manual Therapy through Evidence in Motion.  Ryan has served as a clinical instructor for various physical therapy programs for the last 5-6 years.  According to Dr. Christine McCallum who nominated Ryan on behalf of Walsh University, he has utilized his fellowship training and clinical experience to create a “clinical education” curriculum for his students that he is now working to “roll out” within his organization to interested CIs.  Strengths noted in his nomination included his ability to meet students where they are in their curriculum, strong mentorship, and encouragement of students.  Dr. McCallum stated, “Ryan is passionate about pushing the students in the clinic-he doesn't hold their hand, but gives them a solid ground by which to begin clinical practice.  Because of Ryan's own quest to further his education, he has not yet had the opportunity to take the CI course. He desires to earn this credential, and because of his dedication to our region, believe he would be fitting to earn the KOLCICA award this year.”




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