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Welcome to the CCN

What is the CCN? CCN stands for Consortium Core Network.  A CCN is defined as a network of overlapping academic-clinical partnerships within a regional consortium that collaborates to enhance physical therapy CE operations.

What is the purpose of the CCN? The purpose of the CCN is for clinical and academic partners to collectively utilize a newly established physical therapist clinical education placement process (PT-CEPP) using a single Exxat web-based platform accessible to all stakeholders.

When did the CCN begin?  The development of the CCN began in May of 2020. Clinical partners were asked to joint the team in January of 2021 and collaboration with Exxat began in April of 2021. During 2022, the CCN was piloted with clinical partners who opted in to the process by 1/31/22. The CCN began with the annual 'March 1st Mailing' sent on 3/1/22 for the 2023 placements, and proceeded through its five phases (Request, Offer, Placement, Re-Allocation, Confirmation and Release) on the Exxat platform in two rounds. 

Is the CCN continuing for the 2024 placements? Yes, the annual 'March 1st Mailing' sent on 3/1/23 for the 2024 placements, and will proceed through its five phases as noted above.

Presentation from ELC 2022:  CCN PT-CEPP ELC Presentation
Presentation from OPTA 2023: CCN PT-CEPP OPTA Presentation
CCN Phases .png
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