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Aimed at Enhancing Communication



(More information available on CI and SCCEs menu in the Virtual Conferences)


Aimed at Enhancing Resources and Relationships

Summary of Accomplishments to Date:

  • Education Programs:

    • Annual or biannual clinical education CEU courses since 1994, most recent: "Dual Roles in Assessment and Mentoring in Physical Therapy: A Contemporary View, Ohio Kentucky Consortium of Physical Therapy Programs for Clinical Education, Cleveland, OH, November 2019.

      • 52 clinicians and 18 DCEs/ADCEs attended​

    • OPTA Lunch and Learn: Criteria for Determining Student Readiness in a Full-time Clinical Experience, May 2019

      • 96 clinicians from 8 states attended​

    • OPTA Lunch and Learn: Emotional Resilience, July 2020 

    • Educational session, Mentoring through Networking: An Innovative and Participatory Model of Empowering Clinical Educators to Advance Student Clinical Reasoning at ELC, October 2017

  • Mentoring and Scholarship​:

    • Dr. Peter D. Mosher Scholarship for Educational Leadership Conference (ELC)
      • 18-20+ applicants; 2 awards annually​
    • Karen O'Laughlin Award for APTA CCIP Course
      • 4 awards annually​
    • 2017 Ohio-Kentucky Education ELC Scholarship Awards
      • 20 applicants; 9 scholarships​
  • ​Academic Program & Clinician Networking:

    • Zoom Conference Calls/Discussion

      • 9 calls since fall of 2019

    • Annual Clinical Education Placement Calendar​

    • Created a standardized clinical offer request form

    • CI and SCCE repository of resources on the website 

    • News and Updates on the website

    • Published interesting and thought provoking blogs to update clinical partners

    • Piloting a Consortium Core Network

  • Recognition:

    • Nominated and selected CIs/SCCEs for the Excellence in Clinical Educator Awards from the OPTA and KPTA

  • Research and Scholarly Presentations:

    • Needs Assessment in Clinical Education (Phase I complete/Phase II in progress)​

    • Collaborated for authorship of peer-reviewed journal manuscripts

  • Leadership:

    • Represent the profession nationally through various offices and positions

    • Provided a liaison to the OH PTA Consortium

  • Communication Committee to central communications on behalf of the consortium



The consortium is working to improve clinical education in several areas through:


  • Research: Currently, the consortium is work on a needs assessment surveying clinical instructors and SCCEs to determine their needs related to clinical education. Consortial members also work in small groups on collaborative research projects.

  • Partnering and Mentoring: In 2019, the consortium started to schedule lunch-time video conferences to discuss development needs, contemporary concerns, and current issues with CIs and SCCE.

  • Resource Development: In response to our research, partnership efforts, and desire to disseminate updates in a timely manner, our website serves as our primary means of sharing information and resources.

Strategic Initiatives
Consortium Accomplishments
Quarterly Zoom Conferences
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