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Consortium Core Network FAQ's

1.  What is the Consortium Core Network (CCN) physical therapist clinical education placement process (PT-CEPP)?


The CCN PT-CEPP is a collaborative, consortium based clinical education (CE) placement process whereby clinical education sites and academic programs utilize a newly established physical therapist clinical education placement process (PT-CEPP) using a web-based platform accessible to all stakeholders. Academic programs’ requests for student placements and clinical sites’ offers of student clinical placements will occur through the web-based platform.The system will facilitate re-allocation of unused offers for unassigned students based on parameters set forth by the clinical site making the offer.Academic programs will confirm or release the offered placements within the web-based system.

2.  Who is eligible to participate in the CCN PT-CEPP during this first phase?

The CCN will initially be developed from the 15 PT programs that make up the Ohio Kentucky Consortium for Physical Therapist Programs (OKCPTP) membership and their affiliating clinical sites. All clinic sites affiliating with two or more OKCPTP member institutions participating in the CCN are eligible for inclusion.

3.  Do clinical sites have to participate in the CCN PT-CEPP to maintain their relationships with academic programs in the CCN?​

No. Participation in the CCN is voluntary.

4.  Will my site be required to have a relationship with ALL of the CCN academic programs if we choose to participate?

No. All clinic sites affiliating with two or more OKCPTP member institutions participating in the CCN are eligible for inclusion. Clinic sites will maintain the autonomy to decide which academic programs they affiliate with.

5.  Will my site be limited from engaging in relationships with academic programs outside of the CCN if we choose to participate?

No. All academic programs that participate in the CCN will have equal rights and privileges and will have autonomy to maintain individual partnerships with clinic sites outside the CCN. An academic program’s decision to participate in or opt out of the CCN will have no effect on its membership, rights or privileges in the OKCPTP.

6.  Will I forfeit control of the allocation of my offered placements if my clinical site participates in the CCN PT-CEPP?

No. Clinic sites will maintain the autonomy to decide how their clinical placement offers are distributed.

7.  Will participation in the CCN PT-CEPP increase my workload for managing student placements?

The goal of the CCN PT-CEPP is to decrease the workload for managing student clinical education placements.  Like many things, the initial pilot of the program may require a bit of an investment of time and effort to learn how to use the process, but we anticipate that the workload will decrease the work of managing student placements over time.

Please note that as a part of the investigation into the efficiency of the CCN PT-CEPP, participants will be asked to enter data about their placements into a form/spreadsheet.  The plan for data collection in this process is evolving and more details will be forthcoming; however, we will be working to keep this simple and convenient for clinical partners.

8.  Is there a cost to participate in the CCN?

There is no cost to clinical sites to participate in the CCN PT-CEPP.

9.  What are the benefits of participation in the CCN PT-CEPP?

  • Decrease in or elimination of unused offers

  • Decreased time to secure student placements

  • Improved collaboration among academic programs and clinical education sites

  • Decreased variability in the format and timing of requests for placement, offers of placement, and confirmations


10.  Will the CCN be a permanent change in the placement process?

We are hopeful this will lead to increased efficiencies and all stakeholders will find this process beneficial.  We will be assessing these components to determine how to move forward by soliciting input from academic and clinical partner participants.

11. What platform and technology will be used?

We will utilize the Exxat system to house our database and send/receive our requests for clinical offers.  You will need to have the ability to access their website through a link we will provide.  Communication will likely come via emails from the Exxat database.

12. How can we learn more?

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