Common Terminology for Physical Therapist

Clinical Education

Common Terms- Infrastructure

  • Integrated Clinical Education Experience

  • Full-Time Clinical Education Experiences

    • First full-time clinical education experience

    • Intermediate full-time clinical education experience

    • Terminal full-time clinical education experience

  • Part-time Clinical Education Experiences

  • International Clinical Education Experiences 

  • Internship

  • Residency

Common Terms-Stakeholders

  • Clinical Education Faculty

  • Direction of Clinical Education

  • Site Coordinator of Clinical Education

  • Clinical Instructor

Experiences that allow students to apply and attain professional knowledge, skills, and behaviors within a variety of environments. Experiences include those of short and long duration (e.g., part-time, fulltime), provide a variety of learning opportunities, and include physical therapy services for patients/clients across the lifespan and practice settings. While the emphasis is on the development of patient/client physical therapy skills, experiences may also include inter-professional experiences and non-patient/client service delivery such as research, teaching, supervision, and administration. Clinical education experiences are a part of the professional curriculum and include formal student assessment.5-8

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