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APTA is set to launch PT CPI 3.0 on May 15, 2023;
PT CPI 2.0 is sunsetting on 9/30/23


Resources to Prepare for Use of PT CPI 3.0

Following feedback regarding the length and function of the PT CPI, revisions have been made and a new version of the PT CPI will begin roll out this summer.

  • Improvements you will see:

    • Reduction in performance criteria from 18 to 12

    • Same descriptive rating anchors, but improved rules to determine accurate rating

APTA Training Link for all PT CPI 3.0 Users

Training resources for PT CPI 3.0 are available now in the APTA Learning Center. Any individual using the PT CPI 3.0 will have to have an APTA account. If you do not have an account, you can create a free APTA account.


Additional information will be available when PT CPI 3.0 launches!


For the latest information, including a drafted view of the PT CPI, use this link and be sure to scroll to the bottom: There are also two posted webinars available for further information:


For information on when Ohio-Kentucky Academic Programs plan to transition to PT CPI 3.0, please refer to the table below:

OH-KY Consortium April 27, 2023 Informational Webinar Resources:


OH-KY Academic Program Plans to Transition to PT CPI 3.0

Academic Program Name                                      Start Date for Use of the PT CPI 3.0

University of Cincinnati                                                    5/8/2023

Ohio State University                                                        5/15/2023

University of Dayton                                                         5/15/2023

Youngstown State University                                           5/15/2023

Bellarmine University                                                        5/22/2023

Cleveland State University                                                6/5/2023

University of Findlay Traditional DPT Program             6/5/2023

University of Findlay - PTA to DPT Bridge program      6/19/2023

Mount St. Joseph University                                             7/24/2023

The University of Toledo                                                   7/24/2023

Western Kentucky University                                           8/14/2023

Walsh University                                                                8/21/2023

University of Kentucky                                                     10/1/2023

Ohio University                                                                 10/23/2023

APTA Informational Webinar Resources:

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