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Webinar #1 and Corresponding Position Papers for the Upcoming Clinical Education Summit: June 19th o


The first of the targeted webinars will be held on the dates listed below to provide further information on key issues presented in the position papers.

These webinar discussions are intended to allow for input from a broad array of stakeholders and will be used to further shape proposed positions.

We encourage everyone with an interest in clinical education to read these position papers and participate in at least one webinar per topic.

A summary of the 3 position papers is provided below. Please noted that these summaries are not meant to support or negate any position paper.

Webinar Topic #1 - Introduction to the Conversation

The webinar schedule for this topic is as follows:

Thursday, June 19, 1:00 – 2:30 pm EST Tuesday, June 24, 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST

To access any webinar listed above, click the links noted above and do the following:

  • When the meeting time arrives, click on the link or enter the URL into your favorite web browser.

  • The meeting login screen will appear and you will select the option to “Enter as a Guest,” type in your first and last name, your title and/or role in clinical education (e.g., DCE, DCCE, CI, practice administrator, student, etc.), and click “Enter Room.” For example: Jane Doe, DCCE

  • The meeting will then launch in your browser and the meeting room interface will appear.

  • You will then be prompted to connect to the audio portion of the webinar.

  • To connect using your computer speakers and microphone you will select the radio button for “using microphone (computer/device)”

  • To connect by phone, it is preferrable that you click the option to let the system call you. The webinar room can call your phone directly, and no participant code is needed. You can access this feature by selecting the radio button “Dial-Out {Receive a call from the meeting}

  • If your office phone is connected to your company sound system through an extension (example X321), you will be unable to use the callback feature on that phone. It’s recommended that you access call in on either a cell or house phone. If that’s not accessible, you will need to use your speakers and microphone to call in.

  • Lastly, participants can call into the audio portion using the conference line phone number and participant code provided during the log in process, but we encourage this mode of listen-only access only if you cannot be in front of a computer during the webinar. We strongly encourage that you be in front of a computer.


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